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Which Microsoft storage and collaboration tool should you use in various situations? This article describes the use of eat and U of I's intentions for file storage.
Individual files or folders on a SharePoint site cannot be shared like files and folders on OneDrive. The site's owner must add a University of Idaho faculty or staff to the SharePoint site. This knowledge base articles show how an owner of SharePoint site can give access to University employee.
This article describes how to sync SharePoint folders and files with the OneDrive client.
This knowledge base article shows how to recover a deleted file from the SharePoint Storage site.
Links to University of Idaho's Microsoft Office 365 Online Applications
This article provides answers to common questions UI affiliates may have about Office 365 ProPlus and its use. It also has links to Microsoft training resources.
This article provides information for a migration to SharePoint of S: drive (Shared Spaces) files/folders. Learn when, how and what will happen, what you need to do and what resources are available for learning more about SharePoint.