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This tutorial is for instructions on how to set up an alumni account. This includes migrating a student account to an alumni account.
This article contains a brief overview of UI affiliation criteria and what happens when accounts lose affiliation.
This article details what email options are available for our Emeritus Faculty and Honored Staff. It also outlines technical support contact information as well as other IT services available to our customers after they retire.
A description of how to search for invoices in Stellant.
This article defines a sponsored account, when one is required, what information is needed to obtain a sponsored account, how to renew sponsorship and set the password for the sponsored account.
Guest account creation information.
This article explains the why and how for implementing different security measures for your account and computer.
This tutorial will show group owners how to add and remove members from mail enabled groups and resource groups through the account management page.
This article explains how to check print quota using the ITS account Management Page (
Affiliates can reset their password if they have a Security Profile with 3 questions and 1 personal email address set up. If you do not have a security profile and have forgotten your password, please contact ITS.
This article defines the NetID and how new students can set up their new accounts.
This article explains the purpose of the UI Document Imaging System.
This article includes information graduating or departing students need to know before they leave the university.