How do I set up email in iOS (Mail App)?

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This tutorial will show you how staff, faculty and students can easily add their University of Idaho email account to their iOS device. This will allow you to check email on the go. The process is the same for both iPhones and iPads and for both staff and student accounts.

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Setting Up Email in iOS (Mail App):

Step 1:

The process is roughly the same for both iPhones and iPads and for both staff and student accounts - simply substitute your email address ( vs as relevant. Please be sure you are running to most recent version of iOS on your device.

Power on your iOS device and select the Settings icon from the home screen.

Select the Settings icon from the home screen.
Select the Settings icon from the home screen.


Step 2:

From the general settings screen, scroll down and select “Password and Accounts”, then select “Add Account

Select “Password and Accounts”, and then "Add Account."
Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account


Step 3:

From the list of possible accounts, select “Microsoft Exchange.

Select “Exchange” for the account type.
Select Exchange account


Step 4:

Enter your account information in the fields:

  • Email: Your full email (e.g., or
  • Description: What you would like the account to be named in your iPhone.

Tap "Next." 

Enter in your full UI email address. The description will be the display name of the account in settings.
Enter your full vandal email address and password, and a description.


Step 5:

When prompted, select “Sign in”.

NOTE: DO NOT select Configure Manually. The account will not work properly unless you tap "Sign in"

Select "Sign In"
If if prompts you for more information, enter in the server address listed and your email as a username


Step 6:

Sign into this page with your full email and password. Then authenticate your login with DUO

Sign in on this page with your full email (e.g., or, and your email password
Select which applications you would like to sync to your device



Step 7:

Your device will check the settings and then ask what services you wish to sync, including Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders. Toggle which services you wish to sync to your phone and press the "Save" button at the top right when finished.

Your new account will be added to your iPhone and syncing will begin.
Once your account is added, you can change the information where the account is listed under the Mail tab.

Your new account will be added to your iPhone and syncing will begin. Please note that, depending on the number of messages in your inbox, syncing emails from the server to your iPhone can take anywhere between 10 minutes to several hours.

The account will appear under your Mail, Contacts, and Calendars section of Settings and can be edited anytime. You can access the newly-synced account through the Mail app on your iPhone. Simply select it from the home screen and your account will be visible, along with any other email accounts synced to the phone. 

If you encounter any trouble during this setup process, please contact the STC or your regional TSP, or submit a ticket.

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