How do I set up my Outlook account in MacOS?


The University of Idaho runs on the Office 365 Exchange platform and as such, ITS recommends using Microsoft Outlook for your desktop email client. This tutorial will assist you in setting up your account in Office for Mac for Office 365. 

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This tutorial applies to the following operating systems:


Set Up Outlook Email in MacOS:


Step 1: Open Outlook for the first time

When you first open Outlook, a screen appears welcoming you to Outlook.

This screen appears upon opening.
Click, Get started.


Step 2: Follow starting prompts

Follow the prompts and click on Start Using Outlook

Click "Get Started."
The screen should say, "You're all set."


Step 3: Enter full email address

It will then prompt you to enter your email. Enter your full email, e.g.

Click Continue once you have entered your email address.

This is an image of the outlook login screen.


Step 4: Sign in and authenticate with DUO

Sign into your account and authenticate with DUO. After this everything should be set up!

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