How do I set up email in iOS (Outlook App)?


This article will outline the steps for setting up the Outlook application on an iOS device with your University of Idaho email.

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​​​​This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):


Download and Install Outlook App:

Step 1:

Navigate to the app store.


Step 2:

Click on the search option (Circled 1 in the bottom right of the image below). It normally looks like a magnifying glass located in the lower right hand corner of the app. Then tap on the search bar labled, "App Store(Circled 2 in the top left of the image below).




Step 3:

Type in "Outlook"  in the search area and tap on ,"Outlook for iPad"

NOTE: Searching for anything "Outlook" related will most likely bring up, "Microsoft Outlook".


Step 4:

Select "Microsoft Outlook" and click "Get". You may be prompted to enter your iTunes password. The application will then begin installing.​​ 


Set Up Email in Outlook App:

Step 1:

Look for the Outlook icon and tap on it. This will launch the application.


Step 2:

Type in your full email address and tap, "Add Account".


Step 3:

Next you will be redirected to our University of Idaho sign in page. Please type in your password associated with your account.


Step 4:

After typing in your credentials you'll  be asked to authenticate through DUO. Please select an authentication method of your choice.


Step 5:

If all works out you'll be presented with the following screen. Tap,"Okay" and let the app restart.


Step 6:

Locate and tap on the outlook icon to launch the application again. You will get one more prompt. Tap,"Okay" and let the app restart one more time.


Step 7:

Finally you should launch the application again. Your email should begin to populate.

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