How do I find my MAC address on iOS?

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This tutorial will walk you through how to locate your device’s MAC address. Every device has a unique identifier for its network adapters. This id is called the media access control address, or MAC address. This 12-digit code is made up of letters and numbers, and is usually separated by colons, periods or dashes. A MAC address can be used to identify your device and register it for university network access.

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Locating your MAC Address on iOS:

Step 1: Open Settings

For iOS devices, open Settings.

Open Settings.Open Settings


Step 2: Navigate to General

Open the General menu.

Open the General menu.
Select General from the navigation on the left, then About from the panel on the right.


Step 3: Scroll to Wi-Fi Address

Select About, scroll down to Wi-Fi Address. Your device’s MAC address is listed here.

Your device’s MAC address is listed here.
Your MAC will be listed as your Wifi Address.

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