Using Lecture Hall Microphones in Zoom

Recently CCTS installed hardware into some of the larger lecture halls that allows the wireless microphones in those rooms to feed directly into Zoom. These rooms are Ag Science 106, Janssen Engineering Building 104, Life Science South 277, Renfrew Hall 111, and Renfrew Hall 112. Unfortunately this does mean that more devices need to be managed within Zoom and can cause some complications. This article will show you the correct settings to use for way you wish to present in these rooms.

Audio Playback Device

Sometimes the audio playback device in Windows will change if a new device is plugged in. You can check this setting by going to the audio icon in the system tray and verifying that it is set to "VX2252 Series (Intel(R) Display Audio."

Camera Source in Zoom

In most cases the camera source in Zoom should be set to the HuddleCam HD. To verify this you can click on the ^ on the video icon to bring up your menu. From there select the HuddleCamHD as your source. 


Audio Source in Zoom

Similar to the Video source you can select the ^ next to the microphone icon to bring up your microphone and speaker selections. If you wish to use the wireless microphones in Zoom verify that the "Wireless_Mics Speakerphone" option is selected. If you wish to not use the wireless microphone select the "HuddleCamHD" option. 



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