How to Create Zoom Meeting in OWA

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Zoom for Outlook Plug-in allows the user to create Zoom meetings from the appointment or meeting in Outlook. This guide contains instructions for creating a Zoom meeting in Outlook on the Web (OWA)

Creating a Zoom Meeting in OWA:

Step 1: Navigate to calendars

Open a browser and log into OWA at Click on Calendar at the bottom left of the window


Step 2: Create or select an event

Create a new Event or double click on date and time for the meeting. On the right side of the menu bar, click on the ellipses "..."

  1. Select Zoom then Settings to setup Single Sign On (SSO)


Step 3: Sign in using SSO

A Zoom pane will appear, select Sign in with SSO



Step 4: Enter uidaho as domain

For Domain enter uidaho then Continue



Step 5: Display Zoom window and add meeting

A message that "Zoom wants to display a new window" appears, click on Allow.

A window will appear then go away. You will be at another Zoom pane to set meeting parameters. When done click on Add Zoom Meeting



Step 6: Finalize meeting settings and share

You will be back at your appointment with Zoom details in the description and the location as Zoom meeting. You can close the Zoom pane or leave it open.

If you need to change meeting parameters click on the ellipses "...", select Zoom>Settings. You can now send the appointment or make any changes as needed.


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