How do I use Zoom's new Whiteboards?


This knowledge base article explains how to use the new Whiteboards in Zoom. Changes in the new Whiteboards include the ability to create up to 12 pages in one whiteboard, sharing Whiteboards within and beyond Zoom meetings, and Whiteboards templates. 


Creating a Whiteboard Outside of a Zoom Meeting

If you want to create whiteboards before a Zoom meeting, you may want to explore Zoom Whiteboard Templates, log in to your Zoom account at the Whiteboards NEW tab in the left column and explore the Templates that will pop up to the right. If you find a template you like, just click the Use this Template button in the upper right corner of the template. You can also click the New button in the upper right corner to create a Whiteboard and choose a tempate from there or start from scratch. 


Selecting or Creating a Whiteboard within a Zoom Meeting and Using the Toolbar

  1. Click on the Whiteboards button in the Zoom toolbar 
  2. Use the down arrow next to All Participants can edit if you'd like to change the whiteboard sharing setting
  3. Select an existing whiteboard or click New Whiteboard to create one
  4. Click Open and Collaborate to begin sharing the whiteboard W
  5. Use the Select button to move/change one item on a page 
  6. Change to the Grab button to move (click and drag) all items on the page at one time 
  7. Select the Draw tool to draw on the whiteboard 
  8. Use the Shape tool to click and drag to draw rectangles, circles, diamonds, or triangles 
  9. Select the Line tool to draw a line arrow, or double arrow (click and drag) 
  10. Use the Text tool to add a text box anywhere on the page 
  11. Use the Sticky Note tool to add a note anywhere on the page 
  12. Select the Eraser tool and click any item on the page to erase it 
  13. Click the Color tool after clicking Draw, Shape, Line, Text, or Sticky Note to choose the desired color 
  14. Undo/Redo are available near the bottom of the toolbar 
  15. To add pages to a whiteboard, click the Page button at the bottom of the vertical toolbar
  16. Click the plus sign to create up to 12 pages in one Whiteboard. Note that those you are sharing the whiteboard with are able to click through the various pages on their own. 
  17. The Zoom In/Out tool is located at the bottom right of the whiteboard 


Sharing a Whiteboard

Keep in mind that you can share a whiteboard while you're within a meeting or at any time outside of the meeting.

  1. Click the Share button in the upper right corner of any open whiteboard to share it before/during/after a meeting
  2. Type and select the emails of those you want to share it with
  3. Use the pulldown arrow next to Viewer to adjust whether others can view, comment, or edit the board. Type and select the emails for those you want to share it with.
  4. Click the Share button
  5. If you'd like to share the link to a whiteboard instead, you can use the Copy Link button in the lower left corner 


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