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How do I clear my browser cache on Mozilla Firefox?

browser cache on Chrome in Android? How do I Clear my Cache on Firefox for Android? If you need further assistance, contact the STC or your regional TSP, or submit a ticket. This tutorial applies

Device Retirement and Media Sanitization Guidelines

android ... iPhones iPads Android phones Android tablets Mobile devices usually have a factory reset function which erases all data on the device. The steps to invoke this

How do I forget a Wireless Network?

This article explains how to forget wireless networks on MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android devices. ... connection that had previously been used.  Mac OS (Apple) iOS (iPhone) Windows 10 Android   Mac OS (Apple): Click the WiFi symbol at the top of your screen, and select Open

How to resolve "Webpage not available" during AirVandalGuest registration?

other similar timeout message. This is usually accompanied by repeated notification messages about a sign-in is required for the AirVandalGuest network. Example Android Error: Sign in to

Mobile App Registration - Submitting App Installation Files

. Android (Google Play) The installation file with an “apk” extension should be pre-signed by the app developer on delivery to us.  We will load it directly to Google Play as we received it. Make sure to note the encoded app version number when submitting your request.

Removing a Known Network on Computers and Mobile Device

in forgetting your machine or device to our wireless network; AirVandalGold. Removing a Known Network on Windows 10 Removing a Known Network on Mac Removing a Known Network on Android

How to report a spam or phishing message?

. This article outlines how to report a suspicious message for analysis in the following email clients: Outlook Desktop Outlook Web Outlook Mobile for Android Outlook Mobile for iOS Other

How do I find my MAC address on iOS?

locating your MAC Address on other platforms, look at our other articles: How do I find my MAC Address on a Mac? How do I find my MAC Address on Android? How do I find my MAC Address on Windows

What Microsoft 365 applications are approved for use?

FlowRPCustomerConnector Microsoft Minecraft for Education Edition Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android Microsoft Outlook for Desktop

How to enroll in Duo MFA with the mobile app?

".   Step 6 Select the phone type (Android, iPhone, etc) and click "Continue".   Step 7 If you do not have the Duo mobile app, install it on your phone. Once the app is installed click "I have

Joining a H.323 Room System to a Non-UI Hosted Zoom Meeting

computers running Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Linux distributions—as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. Occasionally, H.323 Video Conferencing rooms are used for Zoom meetings that are not hosted by

How to connect to the university networks?

AirVandalGold on Android Connecting to AirVandalGold on Unbuntu Linux Connecting to AirVandalGuest: Connecting to AirVandalGuest Connecting to AirVandalGuest with an event code

New Employee Guide

Mobile App from the Android/ iOS app store. You will need it to link the DUO Mobile app to your U of I account by scanning the QR code that appears at the end of the enrollment process.     Will

Whole Disk Encryption FAQ

your smartphone with Outlook, it requires encryption within all Android or Apple smartphones. Most Apple devices are encrypted by default, but depend on a strong passcode to provide full protection

Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

for either "push" authentication or soft token when offline Android iPhone iPad Windows Phone Any SMS-capable phone can receive codes via text message Any phone (cell, desk