How to resolve "Webpage not available" during AirVandalGuest registration?


The AirVandalGuest sign-in portal will request your name, email address and phone number. When selecting the "Send a code" option you may see an error "Webpage not available" or some other similar timeout message. This is usually accompanied by repeated notification messages about a sign-in is required for the AirVandalGuest network.

Example Android Error:

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Sign in to AirVandalGuest

Webpage not available
The webpage at could not be loaded because:



Note: if you are a student or employee, please connect to the AirVandalGold or AirVandalHome network to resolve this issue.

This issue is caused by the client device attempting to reconnect multiple times to the AirVandalGuest wireless network before you are able to complete the contact information form. You may need to enter the contact information quickly, or connect and disconnect from the AirVandalGuest network 3 or more times which will cause the client to stop the rapid disconnect/reconnect sequence.





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