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A list of media equipped general classroom spaces on the Moscow University of Idaho campus with the specific technology installed in the space by building name.
Some tips about using the HDMI Connection in an equipped classroom.
This article explains how to use video conferencing equipment in certain classrooms on campus.
How to contact Technology Solutions Partners for classroom support.
Information about the document cameras equipped in classrooms on the UI campus.
A guide for a new UI employee covering basic ITS services and general orientation.
Information on how to operate dual displays through the room's touch panel.
Adobe change licensing for computers multiple people use such as in computer labs and classrooms called Shared Device license in 8/2019. At the same time it changed the how users log into Creative Cloud applications for the first time on each computer of those computers. This knowledge base article is only for computers with Shared Device license.
How to use the touch panels in multimedia equipped UI technology classrooms.
How to use the wireless presentation remote.
Information on how to use a lavaliere wireless microphone in an equipped multimedia classroom.
Information about the Blu-ray Players equipped in UI multimedia classrooms