How do I operate dual displays?


A few classrooms have two displays installed in the space.

Dual projector rooms: (two projection screens at front of room)

  • ALB 101
  • ALB 102
  • ALB 201
  • ALB 204
  • ED 141
  • REN 125
  • REN 126

Dual display rooms: (one display on front wall, one display on back wall)

  • ED 243
  • ED 442
  • ED 443

By default, they operate the same as any of the single display classrooms with the same image being displayed. These classrooms do have the ability to display two different devices at the same time; instead of the same source to both screens if desired.

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Show Two Different Devices:

The gold button or gold tab in the lower left of the touch panel screen will open the individual source control for each projector or display.

The operation of dual projection rooms is the same as single projection until you press the gold button.
Screenshot of the touch screen with an icon highlighted labeled "both projector sources."


The second display is the furthest left display or the monitor mounted on the wall directly viewable while standing at the instructor’s lectern.

Each projector can show independent sources.
Screenshot of the touch panel displaying each projector source options.


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Source Selection

Pressing any of the source buttons will open the control page for that device and send the video from that device to the corresponding projector. A number will appear on the device's background as a reminder of which projector is displaying that device.

An example of the control page for the device displayed through projector 1.
Screenshot of the control page for a device displayed through projector 1.

An example of the control page for the device displayed through projector 2.
Screenshot of the touch panel control page for the device displayed through projector 2.


When you return to the Main Page, the separate projector source selection will still be expanded. The currently displayed sources will be indicated in green.

The Main Page will indicate which device is being displayed through each projector.
Screenshot of the touch panel displaying which device is displayed through each projector on the main page.


If either of the gold buttons or tabs are pressed, the separate display source selection controls will disappear. The green source button will match what is currently displayed on "Projector 1" and the images will not be synchronized until a source button is pressed.

Using the example above, the PC is on projector 1 and the document camera is still on projector 2.

The split source menu can be closed by pressing either gold button.
Screenshot of the source menu closed in the touch panel.


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