What should I do if I’m in a classroom and the technical equipment isn’t working?

Contact the ITS TSP or Local Support team if you are in a general classroom scheduled by the Registrar’s office. If you are logged into the system touch panel, press the “eHelp” button on the touch panel. If your classroom does not have a touch panel and you can log into the computer, click on the eHelp shortcut, big yellow question mark, on the desktop. The nearest TSP will be notified and will come as quickly as possible.

Note: if the computer does not have the eHelp shortcut then it has not been designated for immediate response and, most likely, provided by by the department not ITS.


TSPs and Local Support can also be reached at:

You will not get immediate service if you submit a request via email (support@uidaho.edu) or the service below. Tickets received this way will be given a priority but do not have the immediate notification process setup.

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