What should I do if I'm in a classroom and the technical equipment isn't working?


Sometimes, items break. You cannot avoid this.

Read this article to find out how to contact help.

eHelp Button

If you are experiencing an issue with the classroom equipment in a general classroom scheduled by the registrar's office there are multiple methods of requesting prompt help from the nearest ITS TSP or Local Support technician. On most classroom touchpanels you can press the eHelp button to open a keyboard. Type in a short description of the issue and press Send. If you are logged into the classroom Windows PC, your user name is automatically filled in. If not, please press in the Username field and type in your NetID before sending your help message. This will send your help request to a centralized system that will notify the nearest TSP for assistance.

Use the eHelp button to enter and send a help message to the nearest TSP.Screenshot of the touch screen displaying the eHelp message window.

Requesting Help via Ticket

If you are in a room that does not have a touch panel with an eHelp button you can log into the computer click on the Classroom eHelp shortcut, with the big yellow question mark, on the desktop. This will present you with a form to request help in the classroom. If you find yourself here after searching for a way to get help in your classroom you can press the button below to access the form.

Note: if the computer does not have the eHelp shortcut then it has not been designated for immediate response and, most likely, provided by by the department not ITS.

Request classroom technology help

This is an image of the classroom e help buton.

Help via Phone

Finally you can request classroom assistance by calling 208-885-0570. Note that this method is generally the least effective method of contacting a TSP for help. It is recommended to use one of the two methods above, if possible.

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