How do I clear my browser cache on Safari?


Sometimes an account change can cause the settings that have been saved by your browser to conflict with the most current account settings. This can lead to a variety of issues that ultimately cause you not to be able to sign in to your account through that browser. These settings are saved in the browser's cache, and often the simplest way to resolve any problems it to clear the cache and try to log in with a clean slate.

For assistance clearing the browser cache for other browsers, see these articles:

If you need further assistance, contact the STC or your regional TSP, or submit a ticket.

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Clear Safari Browser Cache:

Step 1:

Click the Safari menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Click on the Safari menu
Select Safari


Step 2:

Select Preferences from the menu

Select the Preferences button from the pull-down menu.

Select Preferences


Step 3:

Select the Privacy tab on the preferences menu.

Select the privacy icon.

Select Privacy


Step 4:

Under 'Privacy', click on the Manage Website Data button.

Click on Manage Website Data.

Click Manage Website Data


Step 5:

Click on Remove All.

Click on the Remove All button.

Click 'Remove All'


Step 6:

Click on Done.

Click on the Done button.

Click 'Done'

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