How do I request software for a classroom or lab computer?

Student Computing Labs ( maintains all of the software on the installed classroom PCs.

If there is a piece of software you'd like to be made available to your students via the campus computer labs, or classroom PCs, download and print the request form (under files) for the Student Computing Labs.  Due to limited resources, one-off installations are not supported; laptop connections are available in all of the multimedia equipped general use classrooms to allow for presentation of unique software not installed on the classroom and lab computers.  If you want to request a software title that has the potential to be used by multiple classroom and lab computer users, please submit your request to the address below.

Student Computing Lab Software Installation Request
Attn: Student Lab Manager
Campus Zip 3155

Request Student Lab Software

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Tue 12/12/17 11:48 AM
Tue 5/14/24 11:29 AM

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