How to add or remove Duo MFA devices?


This article outlines how to manage devices tied to your Duo account. You can add, remove, or edit phone numbers, hardware tokens, mobile devices, or other supported devices.


to

Open a browser and navigate to If you are already signed in to MyUI, or Outlook Web, you likely won't have to enter your username and password.

Enter your username if prompted.

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Enter your password if prompted.

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Complete Duo authentication using one of your current methods.

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Complete Duo authentication again.

Note: you will be prompted for Duo at this point even if you just completed the Duo MFA during sign-in.

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Add New Device

Click "Add another device".

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Select the appropriate device type you want to add. Click Continue and follow the prompts to add the new device.

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Modify or Remove an Existing Device

Locate the device you wish to modify and click "Device Options".

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The modifications you can make to the device are shown. In this example we are modifying a mobile phone. Not all options may be available for other device types like hardware token or landline phone number.

Option Description
Reactivate Duo Mobile Reactivate Duo mobile app. Use this option if you have a new or second mobile phone and are attempting to setup the Duo app.
Change Device Name Change the device's display name shown in the Duo prompt when logging in.
Red Trash Icon Remove the device from your Duo account. You will no longer be able to use it to complete Duo authentication.
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Duo end-users will receive an email notification with the subject line “Device, [device name] Added” or “Device, [device name] Removed” or a Duo Mobile app notification when an authentication device is added or removed from their Duo account.

Example email notification

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Example Notification from Duo Mobile

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Why am I getting this notification?

Duo will notify you when changes are made to your authentication device(s) to protect your account from unauthorized activity.


What do I do next?

You can ignore this notification or select Yes, this was me if you recently added or removed a device.

If you did not add or remove a decive, select the No, this wasn't me option and contact immediately.



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