How do I resync a Duo hardware token?


Duo hardware tokens may drift out of sync with Duo servers. This article covers how to resync an out of sync token.

Step 1

From a Duo login prompt, click "Enter a Passcode".

Duo login prompt

Step 2

Press the button on your token to generate a code. Enter it in the box and click Log In.

Duo login prompt enter a passcode

Step 3

The login attempt will fail. Repeat Step 2 twice more. The second attempt will also fail. After the third attempt, proceed to Step 4.

Duo login passcode attempt failed

Step 4

After the third attempt, you should get a "success" message. Your token has been resynced successfully.

Token resynced successfully


If you do not get a success message after the third attempt, contact your TSP, Local Support, or the STC for assistance at


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