How do I add a WebAuthn/U2F token to Duo?


WebAuthn/U2F tokens are physical hardware devices which can be used to complete multifactor authentication and usually connect to your computer via a USB port but some use Bluetooth. Common WebAuthn/U2F tokens include those from Yubikey, Fetian, and Google Titan.

NOTE: Duo no longer supports U2F but they can usually be added as WebAuthn devices.

Sample U2F tokens

This article covers how to add a WebAuthn/U2F token to your Duo account from a Windows computer.

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Step 1

Open one of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or the new Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to If you are already logged in to VandalWeb or OWA, you likely won't have to enter your username and password and can skip to Step 2. If you are prompted for username and password, follow these steps:

Step A

Enter your username if prompted.

Login page enter username

Step B

Enter your password if prompted.

Password prompt to complete login

Step C

Complete Duo authentication using one of your current methods.

Complete Duo Authentication


Step 2

Complete Duo authentication. Note you will be prompted for Duo at this point even if you just did Duo in step 1.

Complete Duo to access your devices and settings


Step 3

Click "Add another device".

Duo prompt - click add new device


Step 4

Select "Security Key" and click "Continue".

Add Duo U2F token


Step 5

Click "Continue".

Prompt warning


Step 6

Plug your WebAuthn/U2F token into your computer if you haven't already.

Prompt to insert key


Step 7

Tap the key when prompted:

Touch key to continue


Note if you are using a Safeguard encrypted computer you may see a prompt for username and password. To get around this, click "More Choices" and then the person silhouette icon. Once you do this you should see the "Touch your security key" prompt shown above.

Expanded more choices


Step 8

The token has been added to your account and shows in the list of options.

Key added to Duo


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