How do I view my additional phones?

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The My Phones section in the Self-Care Portal will display phones that have been provided to you by the university and any additional phone you wish to add for Single Number Reach and Mobility. For detailed assistance using the Cisco Self Care Portal see our article: How do I use the Cisco Self Care Portal?

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Company Phones:

Edit the description of the phone for which you are responsible. ITS recommends you do not change the description of the phone if you only have one phone appearance available. To change the description,

  • Click on the phone box that you wish to edit.
  • Click "Edit" from the pop up box.
  • Enter the description that you wish to see the phone labeled as and click the save button to complete the change.

You can edit company phones under the My Phones tab.Editing company phones under the My Phones tab

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Additional Phones:

Set up additional phones for Single Number Reach and Mobility.

Click the + box to add an additional phone.

Phone Number or URI: Enter the phone number you wish to have Single Number Reach or Mobility. If this is an outside number please remember to use an 8 before dialing the number you wish to reach. (Ex.82081231234)

Description: Enter the description of the line.

Enable Single Number Reach: Check this box to enable Single Number Reach.

Regular Hours: Here you can set the hours you wish to have single number reach enabled.

Time Zone: Make sure to set the correct time zone for single number reach. If you do not see the time zone you need in the drop down box, click the "more choices" option. Please remember the Self Care Portal works best in Internet Explorer.

Click Save button to finish the single number reach schedule.

Enable Move to Mobile: Check this box if you wish to be able to transfer calls form your office phone to your mobile phone.

Add a new phone options can also be found under the My Phones tab.Adding a new Phone

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Advanced Call Timing:

Each option controls a different portion of the single number reach process.

Wait xx.x seconds before ringing this phone: Allows you to set the amount of time your desk phone will ring before trying to contact you at the additional phone you have added.

ITS recommends setting this to 0.0 seconds. There will still be about a 4-10 second delay before your single number reach will activate.

Prevent this call from going straight to this phones voicemail.

Use a time delay of xx.x seconds to detect when calls go straight to voicemail: ITS recommends a 10-second delay when using this option. This may vary depending on your service provider and the single number reach phone settings.

Require you to respond to respond to a prompt to be connected: This will allow you to answer the call but, will require you to press a number on the single number reach phone key pad to connect the call.

Stop ringing this phone after xx.x seconds to avoid connecting to this phone's voicemail. ITS recommends using 19 seconds for this setting. This may vary depending on the single number reach phone settings.

You can also change the settings for call timing under this tab.

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