What is the Cisco Self Care Portal?

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The Self Care Portal allows you to configure settings such as speed dial numbers, contact lists, phone services, single number reach and voicemail notifications.

To access the Self Care Portal, please visit voice.uidaho.edu and enter your University of Idaho NetID and password to log in. The Self Care Portal works best with Internet Explorer browser.

Starting on 8/6/2021 ITS is transitioning Self Care Portal to use Single Sign On (SSO) to authenticate into the portal. During this transition time if you have not already authenticated into another application using SSO you will be prompted for your university email address then your password then DUO multi-factor prompt. From there you will be taken to the Self Care Portal. You might see a brief error message. You can ignore this message. Log in as directed above.

After logging into voice.uidaho.edu there are several options to manage your phone and settings.

 Note: For specific instructions on how to use features within the Self Care Portal you can read our article: How do I use the Cisco Self Care Portal?

Request phone assistance

Log in to voice.uidaho.edu using your UI credentials.
Login Page for voice.uidaho.edu

My Phones:

Here you can access the My Phones link to display all of the university phone devices you control.

My Phones tab and contents.My Phones tab and contents

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Phone Settings:

Here you can setup Speed Dial Numbers, Rings Settings, Voicemail Notification Settings, Call History and Phone Contacts.

Phone Settings tab and contents.Phone Settings tab and contents

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Call Forwarding:

Here you can setup or check your current call forwarding on your extension. This will allow you to set forwarding to voicemail or a specific number (cell phone, home phone or co-worker).

Call Forwarding tab and contents.Call Forwarding tab and contents

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IM & Availability Tab:

Do Not Disturb: You can turn on or off the Do Not Disturb option on your phone.

Status Policy: ITS currently has not enabled IM and Presence at this time.

IM & Availability tab and contents.IM & Availability tab and contents

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General Settings Tab:

Language: Here you can change the default display language for the phone.

Client/Portal Password: ITS has disabled this section. Please use our help site (https://help.uidaho.edu/) to manage your NetID password.

Phone Services PIN: This is the Conference Now Host PIN. Your initial PIN is sent in an email explaining the Conference Now service.

Conference Now:

  • Meeting Number — This will be the meeting number you enter when connecting to the Conference Now system.
  • Attendees Access Code — This will be the access code for attendees to join your Conference Now session.
  • Both of these can be changed at any time, and should take effect immediately.

General Settings tab and contents.General Settings tab and contents

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