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This article aims to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the University of Idaho telephone services.

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Top 5 Questions:

Which phone model do you recommend?

Most people are using the Cisco 7841 IP phone. This is a basic phone that works well for most needs. However, phones with video calling and other features are available. Please work with your department to determine which model best fits your needs. 

For more information on phone models and features, click here.

If I connect my personal cell phone to my UI telephone number, will my cell plan be charged?

This depends on your cellular plan and provider. Connecting your work phone to a cellular phone is a personal choice, as no employee is required to connect their work phone to their cell (although many do for convenience). If you have a UI-provided cellular phone, work with your supervisor regarding the use of this feature. For a personal phone, consult your carrier for a more definitive answer. 

Will we be able to video conference with multiple people?

As of today, video calls will only work from one video phone to another.

What are the 5 digit dialing prefixes?

  • 5 - Moscow
  • 2 - Coeur d'Alene
  • 4 - Boise
  • 7 - Idaho Falls
  • 1 - Parma

Who do I contact for support?

The ITS Phones Team, in conjunction with TSPs, System Administrators, and the Student Technology Center will provide phones support. The Univeristy's Knowledge Base is also a great resource for finding information on a range of technical subjects. You can access the Knowledge Base at

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How is billing handled?

At the start of FY18 the cost for the VoIP service provided by ITS was moved to a centralized fund. Departments are no longer billed monthly for VoIP phone service.

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Vandal/ISU Alerts and Service Resilience:

Is there a way of separating Vandal Alerts out for the Moscow campus and Extension Centers?

The Vandal Alert service and the new telephone system are separate services.

If Moscow's phone service is down, will Boise's phone service be down?

While the new phone system rides on UI’s data network and the reliability of our data network has been excellent, there are any number of circumstances which could affect the telephone service; however, since the new telephone service is hosted by Ednetics and redundant networking paths are built in outages of the phone service will be minimized and no location will be reliant on another for the phone service.

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Is voicemail to email included?

Yes, voice mails will be sent to your Inbox as audio attachments.

Can I opt out of voicemail to e-mail feature?

Yes please contact your TSP with your 5-digit extension and a request to opt out of this feature.

How will PIN resets be handled for voicemail services?

Requests can be sent to your TSP or Sysad. This may be a self-service feature in the future. Also, don't forget, by default the voicemail to email feature will be enabled for you.

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