How do I change the sidecar on my Cisco phone?


A sidecar is the phone accessory that attaches to the side of your phone and allows you to graphically save and quickly utilize a list of saved numbers for easier contact. This article aims to help you provide the proper information to get your sidecar to have the desired information.

Changing Sidecar Information:

To change the information displayed on your sidecar, please download and fill out the Sidecar Template. A link to the Excel file can be found under the Attachments section on this page. This applies to both existing phones with sidecars, and to new phones. 

Any sidecar changes require a new template to be filled out and submitted. We can only accept a digital copy of the template.

Required Information:

Please provide the following information:

  • The MAC address for your device.
    • This is located on the back of the phone. Look for "MAC" follwed by a string of numbers and letters. 
  • Your five-digit extension.
  • When entering the display name, please double check your entry for any spelling errors.

Data Formatting:

For names and numbers, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • No commas anywhere
  • No special characters: & , / # (apostrophe and space are allowed)
  • Extension:
    • For on-campus numbers, you can just include the five-digit extension instead of the entire number (e.g. 51234 instead of 2088851234)
    • For off-campus numbers, you will need to include the full number beginning with 8 (e.g. 82088851234)
  • Also, there is a 30 character limit for line labels. If the label is too long, the sidecar update will fail. We recommend using abbreviations where possible (e.g. Dept instead of Department).

Please note, these guidelines exist to help with the update process. We pull the data from the template into our system, and any commas or data formatted incorrectly will cause errors in the import process.

Once you have filled out the form, please send it to your region's TSP. They will create a ticket task for Phones Team to make the updates. 

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