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Access to some UI resources, such as shared drives, Banner, etc., is limited to computers on the University of Idaho network. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure connection to the University of Idaho's network from off campus. VPN access is allowed for all students and employees by default.

You will need to setup VPN access on your devices in order to access these resources. See Related Knowledge Base articles on how to setup VPN on various devices.

VPN access is not necessary to access email, Office 365, and other cloud applications when off-campus.

In order to install the client, follow these steps:

You will need to use Duo to log in when connecting to the VPN. Note, you will not get an onscreen DUO prompt. When logging into VPN, enter your username as you would normally do, then enter your password followed by a comma (",") and then one of the following options to receive a DUO prompt:

  • Push notification: Enter “,push” to receive a push notification using the Duo app
  • Phone call: Enter “,phone” to receive a phone call
  • Passcode generated using the Duo app or text: Enter “,123456” (where 123456 is the code you generated). If you need new SMS codes, you can enter your password “,sms” to get new codes, though that particular log in attempt will fail.

Note: Access to VLab is for students usage. Faculty and TAs can request VLab access for teaching purposes only. TAs should use their student accounts to access VLabs for their student work.

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