Duo Hardware Tokens


A hardware token is a device that generates number codes you can enter to complete Duo multifactor authentication. The hardware tokens are similar in size to a USB drive and can be carried on a keychain. Network connectivity is not required for tokens to work, making them ideal options if you do not have cell service or do not want to have your phone with you to login.



Hardware tokens are available at no cost to anyone with a University of Idaho NetID account. The processing for obtaining a token depends on your relationship with the University.

If you are faculty or staff:

Contact your TSP or local OIT support to request a token. You can submit the request here in the support portal or email support@uidaho.edu.

If you are a student:

Contact the Student Technology Center (STC) to obtain a hardware token. The STC is located in TLC 128 and can be reached at support@uidaho.edu or by phone 208-885-4357.

If you do not fall under either category please submit a ticket to support@uidaho.edu and your request will be routed to the appropriate personnel.



When presented with the Duo Universal Prompt, click "Other Options".

This is an image of a duo push declaration.

Select "Hardware token".

This is an image of the log in options window.

Press the button on the hardware token. A six digit number displays on the screen; type it into the passcode box and click "Verify".

This is a picture of a passcode entry field.

You should see a "Success!" banner.

This is a picture of a success banner.


Frequent Questions

Can I use a hardware token with the VPN?

Yes, hardware tokens can be used with the University of Idaho VPN. Please refer to the following article for further details: https://support.uidaho.edu/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=875#vpn-passcode

Is there any cost associated with a hardware token?

No, hardware tokens are free to university Faculty, Staff and Students.

The passcodes generated by my token are not working.

Sometimes a hardware token needs resynced with the Duo servers. Contact your TSP, local IT support, or the STC as appropriate and a technician can resync your token.

My token is defective, can I get a replacement?

If your hardware token stops working (screen is blank, plastic covering is scratched, etc) please contact your TSP, local IT support, or the STC as appropriate for a replacement token.

I lost my hardware token. What steps do I need to take?

Please contact your TSP, local IT support, or the STC as appropriate to let them know and they will remove the token from your account so it cannot be used to login. They can also facilitate the delivery of a replacement hardware token.



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