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Frequently Asked Questions about the University transition to Teams Voice Services.
The University of Idaho, like many other organizations across the country, is moving its phone system to Microsoft Teams. By enhancing capabilities within our current Teams application we can meet the needs of our employees, streamline systems and reduce costs.
This article goes through the steps to set up and manage voicemail.
This tutorial goes through the steps to perform a software reset on a UI Cisco Phone.
This article explains how to use the Cisco IP 8831 Phone model.
This article goes through how to manage phone settings in the Self Care Portal.
This article covers how to hold a phone conference using Cisco phones and the accompanying Conference Now service.
A list of available office phones and headsets from the ITS phones department.
This article talks about how the Cisco phone models are set up.
This tutorial explains how to change the sidecar on a UI Cisco Phone.
This article provides an outline of features in the Cisco Self Care Portal.
Countries for which international calls are blocked