How do I find my MAC Address on Windows?

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This tutorial will walk you through how to locate your device’s MAC address. Every device has a unique identifier for its network adapters. This id is called the media access control address, or MAC address. This 12-digit code is made up of letters and numbers, and is usually separated by colons, periods or dashes. A MAC address can be used to identify your device and register it for university network access.

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Locating your MAC Address on Windows:

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

For Windows, open the Start menu and type cmd in the search box. Click on cmd.exe, or press enter, to open it in a new window.

Open the start menu and type "cmd."

cmd search


Step 2: Run ipconfig /all Command

Type ipconfig /all into the window and press enter

Enter ipconfig /all into the window and press enter.
Type ipconfig /all into the command box and press enter.


Step 3: Locate Ethernet Adapter

Scroll up and find the correct header based on your connection type.

Wired connections will be called an Ethernet Adapter. Wireless connections will be called a Wireless LAN Adapter.

Find the correct header based on your connection type.
CMD Ethernet Adapter Ethernet


Step 4: Locate Physical Address

Then, you should see your MAC address listed under Physical Address.

Your MAC address is listed under Physical Address.
Windows Physical Address

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