How do I find my MAC Address on a Mac?

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This tutorial will walk you through how to locate your device’s MAC address. Every device has a unique identifier for its network adapters. This id is called the media access control address, or MAC address. This 12-digit code is made up of letters and numbers, and is usually separated by colons, periods or dashes. A MAC address can be used to identify your device and register it for university network access.

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This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):


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Locating your MAC Address on a Mac:

Step 1: Open System Preferences

In OS/X, click on the Apple icon in the top left. Open System Preferences.

Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.


Step 2: Open Network Preferences

Select Network Preferences from the System Preferences window.

Select Network from the System Preferences window.
Go to Network


Step 3: Open Advanced Settings

Select the connection type from the left. For wireless, select Wi-Fi or Airport. For wired connections, select Ethernet.

Click on Advanced in the lower right corner.

After selecting your connection type from the left hand list, click on Advanced in the lower right corner.
Then Advanced for either Wireless or Ethernet (depending on your connection)


Step 4: Select Hardware Tab

Select the Hardware tab and the MAC address will be listed here.

The MAC address will be listed in the hardware tab.
Select the "Hardware" tab to view your MAC Address

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