How do I restore deleted channels in Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams channels are available for recovery by owners up to 30 days after they are deleted. All files posted to the channel are available in the Team SharePoint site beyond the 30 day restore limit.



Note: these steps must be done by a Team Owner in the Teams client. The restore option is not available through the Teams Administration interface.

If you have accidentally deleted a Teams Channel, click ‘More’ option (visible as 3 horizontal dots) adjacent to it and select ‘Manage Teams’ as shown in the screenshot below.

This image shows where the manage team button is in the more drop down list.

Move to the right-pane and access the ‘Channels’ listing, and the channel will show under the ‘Deleted’ list.

This picture shows the deleted list.

Simply, check the ‘Restore’ button marked against it.

This photo demonstrates how to restore a channel.

Confirm the restoration via the prompt-

Note: the process of restoring the channel in Microsoft Teams can take up to 24 hours.

After waiting up to 24 hours, the channel should have been restored within the Microsoft Team. 



Note: Private Channels are recovered without permissions and the membership will need to be reviewed. If ownership is not set properly this will need to be escalated to a Teams Administrator for owner reset.
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