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The way we do business is changing dramatically. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is routinely looking for ways meet your needs, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The University of Idaho, like many other organizations across the country, is moving its phone system to Microsoft Teams. By enhancing capabilities within our current Teams application we can meet the needs of our employees, streamline systems and reduce costs.



Why is the University of Idaho replacing its existing telephone system with Microsoft Teams Voice?

Microsoft Teams has been integral to our existing communication methods. Integrating our phone system with Microsoft Teams Voice provides numerous improvements, such as:

  • “All-in-one” Communication
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Multiple-device Support
  • Improved Service Features and Call Controlling
  • Greater Reporting Tools for IT Administrators
  • Simplified Processes for Call Queues and Auto Attendants


What does this mean for me?

  • The typical university employee will use Teams chat video or audio call to communicate with each other instead of making a traditional phone call. Zoom or Teams meetings can be setup to communicate with those outside the university.
  • For many, there will no longer be a telephone on your desk.
    • The Cisco telephone on your desk will go away after the migration is completed.
    • A subset of people will get a Teams compatible handset as needed.
  • Teams calling will require 10 digit dialing to make an outside call. It is expected you will use Teams chat video or audio calling when communicating with university faculty, staff, and students (as you can do now).
    • If you are on the old system, you will have to call people migrated to the new system just like you call people outside of the university. Dial 8 to get out of the system then use 10 digits (3 digit area code- 3 digit prefix-4 digit number).
    • Not all numbers will be migrated to the new system as appropriate.
  • Traditional phone services will still be available including voicemail, conference calling, transferring, and setting delegates.
  • Those regularly making or receiving telephone calls with external numbers will receive enhanced Teams calling capabilities.


When is this happening?

Spring of 2023 is the beginning of a pilot phase. Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Jabber users will be migrated beginning of April through the end of the month. It will be rolled out across all units over the coming months, starting approximately in October with completion by Fall 2024.


What can I do to prepare?

  • Start using Teams to communicate with university faculty, staff and students instead of making a call. Work with your TSP if you need a computer headset, webcam or speakerphone.
  • Assess how you communicate currently. Do you make or receive external calls? Do you use the phone at all? Are you using Zoom or Teams for meetings?
  • Look for upcoming Teams trainings and become knowledgeable in its functions. Here is a link to Microsoft Teams help and learning with step by step instructions and short how to videos.
  • Join UofI IT Community MS Team and/or attend monthly OIT forums to ask questions and engage.


What is the difference between my current phone and Teams Calling?

Teams calling is a cloud-based phone system. As such, the default calling device is a softphone (an application). Rather than having a handset, users will have their phone within the Teams desktop software. Computers should have a working microphone and speakers. Traditional physical handsets are available in special cases. 




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