What options are available for sending bulk / mass email?


Learn about the various mass emailing options available to faculty and staff at the University of Idaho. Options include Mail Enabled Groups, direct mass emailing through University Communications and Marketing (UCM), or providing information for a post in the Register and My UI. Here is a link to the University's Bulk Email Standards that must be followed.


Bulk / Mass Mailing through UCM

University Communications and Marketing offers bulk email services for those wishing to send a message to multiple recipients.

Please submit your request for an email via the web team’s intake form. A web team member will reach out to you within three business days to follow up on your submission. Most requests are completed within five business days.

Human Resources can help to generate a list of email addresses for faculty & staff. See https://www.uidaho.edu/human-resources for more information.


Submit to The Register & My UI

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) produces daily and weekly newsletters for University of Idaho employees and students. To send a Media Advisory or Expert Advisory, contact the UCM staff member (web coordinator) in your unit or email uinews@uidaho.edu for assistance. More information can be found at https://www.uidaho.edu/news/submit.


Native Outlook - Mail Merge

Using Outlook is not recommended for sending email to large groups unless using distribution lists. There is a default recipient limit of 500 recipients per hour for employees. If you prefer to use Outlook and need to increase this limit please contact your OIT representative. What are the bulk sending limits?


Broadcast Email to Students

Information on policy and procedure for sending mass-emails to student can be found under "Broadcast Email Requests", at Student Reporting.

Requests to send bulk messages to students can be submitted with the form at https://www.uidaho.edu/brand/ucm/web-and-digital/our-team/request-form


Additional Assistance

If you have any questions about the options listed here you can reach out to the contact for the services or work with your TSP to review mass email solutions.

For information about how to manage mail-enabled groups, see "How do I add/remove members from mail enabled groups/resource groups".


Warning: If you are a list manager or work with an outside mass mailing vendor (or survey site) and are having difficulty sending to @uidaho.edu or @vandals.uidaho.edu email addresses, please keep in mind certain rules. We do have very active anti-spam software, which will filter messages that “look” like spam. Include your full contact information in messages; include a signature with the department you work with, phone numbers, webpages, and other contact information to ensure messages will not be marked as spam.


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