What are my mass email options?


Learn about the various mass emailing options available to faculty and staff at the University of Idaho. Options include Mail Enabled Groups, Mailman lists and direct mass emailing through ITS. Here is a link to the University's Bulk Email Standards that must be followed.


Request mass email assistance

Option #1 – Bulkmail Server

Information Technology Services maintains a separate bulk-mail server specifically set up to provide bulk email services to specialized applications sending large amounts of email. Access is provided to this system by IP address.

Option #2 – Email Groups

For quick and simple email lists, an email group may be the best solution. This is created with a simple @uidaho.edu e-mail address. The owner of the group will control the list membership through the Account Management webpage (https://help.uidaho.edu) under ‘Manage Groups.’ It is very simple and easy to maintain but does not provide any controls for sender filtering or other services Mailman provides. 

Request an email group through your TSP or Sysad. Make sure to provide the following information in your request: 

  • Department Requesting the group.
  • What the group will be named. The required naming convention is to use department prefix's before the name.
  • Confirmation from whoever will be the owner.
  • Owner's NetID.
  • A brief description of why you need it.

Option #3 – UI Mass Mailing

UCM provides the option to send a single message to multiple recipients exclusively within UI. To request this service, please email mailing-request@uidaho.edu and include:

  • Whom you'd like it sent to 
  • The message content
  • When you would like it sent.

Option #4 – Native Outlook

Outlook is *not* a recommended method for sending email to large groups unless using distribution lists. There is a default recipient limit of 500 recipients per message. If you prefer to use Outlook and need to increase this limit please contact your ITS representative.

To find out more information about each solution and for assistance with access please contact your TSP or System Administrator.


If you are a list manager or work with an outside mass mailing vendor (or survey site) and are having difficulty sending to @uidaho.edu or @vandals.uidaho.edu email addresses, please keep in mind certain rules. We do have very active anti-spam appliance software, which will filter messages that “look” like spam. Include your full contact information in messages; include a signature with the department you work with, phone numbers, webpages and other contact information to ensure messages will not be marked as spam.

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