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Starting February 20, 2023 some U of I telephone lines will require 10 digit dialing for both internal and external calling. If you are using a standard Cisco phone on your desk using 5 digits dialing to reach someone and it doesn’t work try using their full 10 digit phone number including the 8 to dial out.  The list of prefixes for the various U of I location can be found below. 

This article aims to describe the functionality provided in the University of Idaho's phone system, and how to properly dial both internal and external numbers from a campus phone.

Dialing Prefixes

Five Digit Dialing Prefix Location Ten Digit Dialing Prefix
5 Moscow (208) 885-XXXX
2 Coeur d'Alene (208) 292-XXXX
4 Boise (208) 364-XXXX
7 Idaho Falls (208) 757-XXXX
1 Parma (208) 722-XXXX

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Dialing Instructions

  • Free calls across the U.S. and Canada.
  • International calls are free but must be authorized first.
  • Call details are recorded and reviewed periodically to ensure compliance with University standards. 

Local Calls

  • On campus: 5-XXXX
  • Off campus: 8+XXX-XXXX

If you are unable to reach a local off-campus number by dialing the standard 8+number, try dialing the number with the area code but do not dial 1 before the area code. 

Long Distance Calls (off-campus)

To make a long distance call, dial 8 + area code + number. You do not need to dial 1 before the area code.

If you experience problems dialing any number from your phone please send a message to phones@uidaho.edu and include:

  • The five-digit extension or number you are trying to reach;
  • The time the call was placed (more specific time is better); and
  • The other person's contact information, if different than the person contacting the Phones Team. 

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International Dialing

International calling for work purposes is allowed, but must be authorized first. Please contact your TSP, Sysad, or the ITS Phones Team to enable international dialing on your number.

Please provide us with your five digit extension and request an international dialing authorization code. You will receive a email reply with the with confirmation and an access code for international dialing. Please do not share your authorization code. 

If you have lost your authorization code, please contact your region's TSP or Sysad. 

How to use International Dialing

  • Dial 8 to start an off campus call.
  • Dial 011 to initiate the International Call.
  • Dial the country code. 
  • Dial the city code. 
  • Dial the remaining number you with to connect to and dial # to connect the call.
  • Enter your Authorization Code, and press #
  • The call will be connected.

For example, to call a number in Tokyo, Japan: 8-011-81-3-number-#-authorization code-#

For a list of international dialing codes and city codes, visit https://countrycode.org/ This linked website is not affiliated with the University of Idaho and is provided for ease of accessing international dialing codes.

Blocked Countries

Calls to certain countries are not allowed, due to a known frequency of spam and malicious calls. A full list of blocked countries can be found by clicking here.

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