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This article will outline how to install programs from "Software Center". "Software Center" is an application that is installed on all Windows devices managed by your local IT team. The "Software Center" is responsible for installing updates, applications, and special programs. Some examples of programs that can be installed through "Software Center" are: Adobe Reader DC, Sophos Anti-virus, Office 365, and many more. For a more complete list follow the tutorial below.

Note: Your computer must be bind to AD and have SCCM  (Software Center) installed. If your computer is not Bind to AD and has SCCM  (Software Center) installed please contact your local TSP or Support Team.

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Software Center

Step 1:

Let us begin by heading to the lower left hand corner of your screen. Here you will see what is called, "The Search Bar". Once it is located please proceed to step two.

Image: Search Bar



Step 2:

In the "Search Bar" type in "Software Center". You should see something like the image below. Go ahead and click on the "Software Center" app and wait for it to launch.

Image: Search Bar 2


Step 3:

Congratulations you have successfully launched "Software Center". Once inside the program you will see four options. To see a list of application please click on "Applications". This should be the first option in the upper left hand corner of the screen. In the "Applications" tab you will see a list of software that has been assigned to your computer. From this list you can select software to install. See "Image: Software Center 2" for an example of what happens when you click on one of the applications listed. After clicking on an application if you need to install it hit the "install" button.

Image: Software Center


Image: Software Center 2


Step 5:

Clicking on the "Updates" tab will list any Windows Updates or Application Updates that need to be installed.

Image: Software Center 3


Step 6:

Clicking on "Installation Status" will list all the application that are installing, updating, or uninstalling.It will also show you if the computer is waiting for a reboot to finish installation of some software.

Image: Software Center 4

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