How to request hosted web space?


Web space is not provided by default. Faculty and staff should contact their department's Web Coordinator in UCM for assistance creating web content but they may also request personally managed web space by demonstrating an academic need. Personal, non-academic, web space is not supported.


Faculty/Staff Web Space

For faculty and staff, the university can provide academic or department-related web space for things such as teaching classes and an academic portfolio site. To request a web space, please contact your local IT support team.

Note: it is recommended to first contact your department Web Coordinator for assistance.

When making the request, we will need to know:

  • Your username
  • Why the request is being made
  • The address of the web space you wish to have

University hosted web pages are hosted with the domain with the web address in the form

For example:



Student Web Space

The Office of Information Technology no longer offers hosted web pages for personal use. Exceptions will be made for classes requiring HTML development, but a class-related space must be requested by the instructor. Individual students requiring a web page must demonstrate an academic need and obtain a professor sponsor before contacting OIT to request a hosted web page.



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