New storage location requests, increases for storage space, recovering files, large storage requests, webspace requests, and storage issues.

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New File Storage Location

How do I:
- manage my u drive quota?
- mount my U and S drives in Windows?
- mount my U and S drives in OS X?
- access my User and Shared drives while off campus?
- create a new folder on the shared drive or SharePoint Storage Site?

Increase Storage Space on the S: Drive (on-premise)

Request to increase storage space on S: drive (on-premise)

File Recovery

Can a file that I have deleted or can't find be recovered?
How do I recover a file?

Cloud Storage

Personal cloud storage for files.

Large Storage Requests

Large storage or research storage assistance.

Webspace Request

Creation of general web space for classes or individual employees.

Storage Issues

Problems using Self Service File recovery or other file storage issues.

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