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Apple macOS


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NOTE: Due to the nature of device Isolation, this article is mainly presented as a resource for Local Support/TSPs to identify an isolated macine.

Isolation Notice

A pop-up in the taskbar will appear which indicates the device has been isolated from all network capabilities:



Devices that have been isolated will be unable to access network resources of any kind, including:

  • Internet
  • Networked drives
  • New email (sending and receiving)


Open "Sophos Endpoint" Menu to check the status:

Reasons for Isolation

Devices that exhibit behavior consistent with an active infection:

  • Regular and reoccuring notices implying an underlying infection that hasn't been mitigated
  • 2+ types of malware notices present simultaneously which might indicate an active and spreading infection
  • Critical notices having a severity, determined by the analyst, to warrant isolation
  • Unresponsive device owners concerning prolonged notices over 3 days from unmitigated infections
  • See also APM 30.14 Proactive UI Network Security Measures


What Next?


  • Local Support / TSP:

    • Determine and complete the level of remediation necessary

    • Network capabilities will be restored to the device when ITS Security is notified of completed remediation


Removed from Isolation Notice

Similar to an Isolation Notice, a Removed from Isolation notice will appear in the taskbar:


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