Setting up a Zoom meeting with webinar-like features

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  • How do I configure a Zoom meeting  to make it similar to a Zoom webinar?
  • Can I use a Zoom meeting like a webinar?
  • What settings should I use to make a Zoom meeting function like a webinar?



This article covers some setting changes and pointers for leveraging a Zoom Meeting to make it functionally similar to a Zoom Webinar. Often times a Zoom meeting works fine as a de facto webinar, given a few adjustments. Co-Hosts added designated in the meeting have similar roles as Panelists in a webinar. Zoom webinar licenses are limited in quantity at UI because of cost.

For a side-by-side comparison of meeting and webinar features, please see


Setting up a Zoom Meeting as a Webinar

  1. Configure your Zoom account
  2. Schedule Meeting with the suggested settings/options
  3. Start meeting and check the in-meeting settings


1. Configure Your Zoom account

You can verify and edit your personal Zoom account settings after you sign in to Click Settings from the menu on the left.

  • Settings
    • In Meeting (Basic)
      • Screen Sharing: Enabled
      • Who can share?: Host Only
      • Annotation: Enabled
      • Only the user who is sharing can annotate: Checked
      • Whiteboard: Enabled



2. Schedule Meeting as a Webinar

  • Schedule a Meeting
    • Registration: Optional
    • Meeting ID: Generate Automatically
    • Security: Waiting room or Passcode : Select security, see
    • Video: Host on / Participant off
    • Audio: Both
    •  Meeting Options
      • Enable join before host: Check, if desired
      • Mute participants upon entry: Check
      • Only authenticated users can join: Uncheck if there are participants outside the University of Idaho



3. Configure In-Meeting Features

  • Check your security settings after starting the meeting. Click the Security button at the bottom of the window
    • Allow participants to
      • Screen Share: unchecked
      • Chat: unchecked
      • Rename Themselves: unchecked
      • Unmute Themselves: unchecked




  • Designate your Co-Hosts
    • Hover over a user's video (or their name in the Participants list)
    • Choose More
    • Click Make Co-Host
    • Note: This is where you can mute a participant, remove a participant and more




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