How do I connect to Ethernet on campus?

Registering the device

In order to obtain wired internet access on your desktop or laptop machine, your computer will need to be registered with our network. This can be done by going to and filling out the form. Be sure to check the Wired device option. Once the device has been registered, it can take several minutes for the network to register the change.

Fill out the registration form at

How do I find my MAC address?


Open the start menu and search for the Command Prompt by typing cmd into the search box, then click on the icon to launch the program.

Once the program launches, type in the command getmac -v and a list of all your network connections will appear. Find the entry titled Ethernet. The second entry under this heading will be called the physical address and be in the form XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX. This is your wired MAC address.

Open the command prompt and type getmac -v to find the MAC address.



Open up your System Preferences from the apple menu and click the Network icon. Select your Ethernet connection and click the advanced button, then click the Hardware tab on the new window to find your MAC address.

Open the Network Settings and click the advanced button.
Open the Network settings, select the Ethernet connection, and click Advanced.

Open the Hardware Tab to find your MAC address.
Click Hardware and view the MAC Address

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