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This FAQ answers common questions related to the migration to MyUI from Vandalweb.  If you do not see your question please provide feedback by answering the question, "Was this helpful?", answer "No" then provide your question. 

Vandalweb to MyUI Migration Questions


Q1: What is the new MyUI Dashboard?

A:  The MyUI dashboard integrates many disparate administrative functions and functionality into “cards”. These “cards” are used to categorize administrative function to improve efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of online workflows.

Q2: Why are we moving from Vandalweb to MyUI?

A: The goal of the MyUI project is to capture and optimize every aspect of the digital experience with an easy to use dashboard.  Additionally, Vandalweb is built on dated technology that is being phased out.

Q3: How do I access MyUI?

A: Go to and log in with your University of Idaho credentials.

Q4: What is the schedule to shift from Vandal Web to MyUI?

A:  MyUI is live for use now.  While a definite date has not been set yet, VandalWeb will be turned off as soon as all necessary functions can be moved to MyUI. 

Q5: From the OIT website, “Navigation in VandalWeb will be turned off during the Spring Semester, 2024”, is mid-semester the best time to make a critical change?

A:  No date for turning off VandalWeb has been set but timing was definitely considered and is considered every time we make changes. 

Q6: Is MyUI more expensive than Vandalweb?  

A:  There is no cost for the software as it is included in what we pay Ellucian, the vendor that provides Banner. 

Q7: How many people worked on this project?

A:  People across U of I have worked on the project, from design and development to testing and support. MyUI is part of our larger ecosystem supported by OIT and department personnel. 

Q8: How many people will maintain MyUI?

A:  The same team that implements Vandalweb and all of our other systems will maintain MyUI. No additional personnel have been added for direct support of MyUI.

Q9: Are faculty and students involved with maintenance, revisions and testing revisions of MyUI?

A:  Yes. Faculty and staff were involved in initial designs and we continue to receive input from across the university on desired new features.  While we continue to have a robust beta testing group,  ????we are always looking to improve new and current functionality. If anyone would like exclusive access to test software that has not yet been released, they can become a tester.

If you'd like to provide feedback on your experiences, from within the MyUI dashboard:

  • Click on the menu button in the top left-hand corner > “Resource links” > “Provide Feedback”.
  • Or, you can Provide Feedback here.

Q10: Is there any documentation available on MyUI?

A:  Documentation for My UI can be found on the OIT Knowledgebase on all the cards currently published on MyUI.  In addition, videos on how to use the new services can be found here.

Q11: Will I still be able to access all the same forms and information through MyUI that I used on VandalWeb?

A:  Yes, MyUI will provide access to all the functions and information you had access to through Vandalweb.

Q12: What is the best way to access MyUI for employees from the U o I Website?

A: There is a link on the website in the header.  It is in the Faculty & Staff drop down menu.

Q13: Is there a direct link on search engines?

A: Yes – As an example, if you search “University of Idaho myui” you will get a link to the page.

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