Softdocs FAQ

What is Softdocs?

Softdocs is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) designed for educational institutions. It consists of three parts: Document Management, Forms, and Workflows. It was purchased as a replacement for the Oracle Stellent Imaging System, referenced here:


Why are we using Softdocs?

Softdocs serves as a central, auditiable  repository for documents. It also serves as a platform for developing forms that can integrate with Banner to auto-populate form fields. It also supports workflows for complex approval processes and email notifications.


What forms are currently available?

Forms Available to Employees:

  • Accounts Payable:
    • Entertainment Form
  • Provost Office:
    • Faculty Summer Contract
  • Student Accounts Office:
    • Staff Registration Permit

Forms Available to Students:

  • Financial Aid:
    • Collection of 38 Forms
  • Registrar Office:
    • Student Consent for Release of Information


What is etrieve?

Etrieve is the name of the Content Management System product provided to the University of Idaho by Softdocs.

Released forms can be accessed by Students, Faculty, and Staff at

The ECM can be accessed by authorized Staff here:

Notification emails for submitted forms and approval requests will be sent from:


How do I develop and form/workflow using Softdocs Etrieve?


Submit a technology request using the following form:

Who do I contact for additional questions or concerns?

For general questions or concerns, please reach out to the Technical Product Manager for Eforms and Workflows:

Skye Swoboda-Colberg,

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