How to connect an XBox, PlayStation, Switch, Ring or other specialty device to WiFi?


Devices that do not support AirVandalGold or AirVandalHome will need to be connected to the AirVandalGuest network. By default, AirVandalGuest will require a web portal to be accessed and re-authentication every day. To avoid this behavior, the device will need to be registered online on the AVSetup webpage before connecting.

  1. Locate Device MAC Address
  2. Register Device
  3. Connect to AirVandalGuest


Locate Device MAC Address

Every device will have a MAC address, a unique value made up of 12 characters, 1-9 A-F (ex. 00:11:22:AA:BB:CC:DD). Some devices will have both a wired (or Ethernet) MAC adderess and a wireless MAC address. It is important to find the wireless address and not the wired address. Each device will have it's own instructions for finding this address. Here are the instructions for a few common devices:


Security Cameras:

Note: OIT makes no guarantee of availability or suitability of the UI network for a particular purpose. Networks may be unavailable during maintenance and power outages.


Register Device

To register the device, connect to and complete the registration process.

Note: wait at least 1 minute after registration before continuing.

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Connect to AirVandalGuest

From the now registered device:

  1. Locate your device WiFi network settings
  2. Connect to the AirVandalGuest network
    • Enter the password: GoVandals!



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