Class Schedule Card


The Class Schedule card provides easy access for students to any classes they have scheduled for the current or previous semesters.  Students can navigate the calendar by the week and select the individual day to view the scheduled classes for any day of the week.  Students can also view more detailed class information by selecting a class from the calendar

Classes overview

Features / Actions

  • Daily view of classes for the current week
  • Can view classes from previous semesters by navigating the weeks of the year
  • View detailed information for each class, which includes:
    • Building and classroom information
    • Meeting times (times displayed are based on Pacific time zone)
    • Professor details
    • Credits (See additional information)

Additional Information

  • Training Video
  • Classes without meeting times won’t be listed.  This includes classes other than web-based (online) classes.
  • The credits for a selected class will show as '0' until grades are entered into the Banner system for the class. Reference '0 Credits' in Additional Images.  Once grades are entered the credits will display appropriately, reference 'Expected' in Additional Images.
  • Expected credits for the course can be viewed in the following locations:

Additional Images

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