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ITS provides more than 15 student computing labs spread across the University of Idaho campus in locations such as the dorms, the Kibbie Dome, the library and the Bruce M. Pitman Center. Most labs have printers available. ITS provides has 4 print locations.

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All student computing labs follow respective building hours (usually 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.).


Student computing labs are located in key areas of campus:

  • Administration 221 (classroom)
  • Administration 225 (classroom)
  • College of Natural Resources 13
  • Kibbie Dome 219
  • Law 18
  • Library 1st Floor
  • Library 2nd Floor [Dual Monitor Lab]
  • Library 4th Floor
  • McClure 214A (classroom) *[Prints to printer in McClure 316]
  • McClure 316
  • McConnell Basement (Dorm Lab)
  • Pitman Center 124 [Dual Monitor Lab]
  • Theophilus Tower Basement (Dorm Lab)
  • TLC 123 (classroom)
  • Wallace 20
  • Remote Access Lab* (
    No Printer Available*

    Student Computing Lab - print locations are located in key areas of campus:
  • Administration 3rd Floor
  • TLC 1st Floor - Outside the Student Technology Center - TLC128
  • TLC 2nd Floor - Lounge Area
  • LLC 24-Hour HelpDesk

Classroom Labs:

Some student computing labs are also used as classrooms and are available when classes are not in use and follow respective building hours (usually 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.).

Administration Building rooms 221 and 225

Administration Building room 221

Click here for Room 221 Schedule

Administration Building room 225

Click here for Room 225 Schedule


McClure 214A

McClure 214A

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TLC 123

TLC 123

Click for Weekly Schedule

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