How to share Zoom recordings from OneDrive?


Zoom cloud recordings are automatically saved in your OneDrive "ZoomRecordings" folder available at These files can be quickly shared to Canvas Groups or individual users.


Folder and File Naming

Browse to and click on the ZoomRecordings folder. Each file is named after the Zoom meeting date and description. There are typically three files for a single meeting:

File Extension File Icon File Type Example
MP4 Video File 2022-07-01.08-30-00 - Introduction to Zoom.7804917742.MP4
M4A Audio File 2022-07-01.08-30-00 - Introduction to Zoom.7804917742.M4A
TXT Chat Transcript 2022-07-01.08-30-00 - Introduction to Zoom.7804917742.TXT


Sharing Warning

If you need to share a recording to people outside of the university, first you must consider whether there may be a FERPA violation. Sharing class recordings with those who are not class members may not be compliant with FERPA. See for information on FERPA.


Sharing Individual Files

Look for the meeting MP4 video file, select it and click on the Share toolbar button.

This image shows how to share a MP4 file.

Click on the pencil icon and select Can view from the drop down menu to share the file read-only.

This picture demonstrates how to give viewing permission and restrict editing permission

Search for your Canvas Group or the individual user and click Send to share the file.

This image demonstrates how to send the file


Sharing a Link

If it does not violate FERPA, click People with existing access can use the link

 This photo shows where the menu for granting/restricting access is.  

Use the Specific people option to share with someone outside of the university. The Anyone with the link option should only be used for videos that can be made public.

This is a picture of the link settings menu.



Sharing a Folder

Note: if your Zoom meeting topic matches a folder name, new recordings will be automatically uploaded to that shared folder.

This is identical to the individual file sharing but requires initially creating a folder based on the Zoom meeting topic and then sharing the folder. The sharing can be done once.

Go to the "ZoomRecordings" folder and click on the New button in the toolbar to create a new folder. Use the same name as your Zoom meeting topic.

This picture demonstrates folder creation.

Select the folder and follow the instructions above to share the folder with the Canvas Group.

This picture demonstrates file sharing.

Move Zoom Recording files into the newly shared folder.



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