How to connect to the VPN before the Windows sign-in?


This article is useful for people having issues signing into a University of Idaho Windows device off campus.



Before connecting to the VPN you will want to make sure you are connected to either a wired or wireless network.

You can view your status by checking the bottom right Internet icon. If it shows the globe with a line through it then the laptop is NOT connected.

Once you are connected there should be an option for "network sign-in" which displays when you hover over what looks like an icon with one monitor in front of the other.

Network Sign-In

Click that and Cisco VPN should pop up with the option to "connect". Click connect, put in your staff username & password, and then a DUO push notification should show on your phone.
If you use a hardware token for Duo instead of the mobile application refer to this guide:

Ready to Connect

This is a picture of a username and password entry.

Accept the Duo push and shortly after you should see at the bottom right that you are now connected through the VPN.

This is an image of a login screen with VPN connection.

You can now attempt to sign into the computer using your staff username & password.




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