iPad Setup

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iPad Setup:

  1. Setup with PIN 1889
  2. Walk-through setup and do not use AppleID at time of setup
  3. Use (or create as mail-enabled group if it doesn't exists) either departmental U of I AppleID (dfa-ipads@uidaho.edu, ath-ipad@uidaho.edu, etc.; passwords often in keepass) to sign in to AppStore and update apps.
  4. Install Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive Powerpoint)
  5. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader
  6. Install Cisco Anyconnect client
  7. Install Zoom
  8. Provide PIN and AppleID info to user, if a user has an AppleID with a U of I email, you can sign out with the departmental account and have them sign in with their personal U of I account.
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