How to export a Mailman list recipient roster?


It is possible to view all of the members of your Mailman list through the Mailman "roster" view. This view is not directly linked from the admin page.

For further assistance with Mailman management, contact your regional TSP, or submit a ticket.


Viewing and Exporting the Roster List

Step 1: Authenticate your Mailman list

Authenticate administratively to your Mailman list through the admin web page:

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Step 2: Change "admin" to "roster"

Once authenticated, change "admin" to "roster" in the web address: .  This will display a list of your subscribers.

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Step 3: Export list

To "export" the list copy and paste the full bulleted list from the browser web page into an application like Microsoft Word. Then do a search and replace for " at " to "@" to convert the list to email addresses.

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