How do I install Oracle Imaging?

 Contact your supervisor to request access to the Document Imaging system.

Request application access

Step 1:

First, check if Stellent is already installed:

Start menu > All Programs > Oracle> Imaging and Process Management > Stellent Imaging

Step 2:

Otherwise, please Download & Install the IBPM installer (aka Stellent)

Step 3:

If you receive a login prompt when running the installer, contact your system administrator to request assistance.

Step 4:

Press OK on the "There were errors during the update process" message. You may ignore this message.

Step 5:

Press Continue on the Oracle Imaging window.

Step 6:

Login to the Oracle Imaging window using your uidaho NetID

Step 7:

In the future, launch Stellent from: 

Start menu >  All Programs  > Oracle > Imaging and Startup Management > Stellent Imaging

Step 8:

Select your desired Search from the top right corner of the Search window.


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