Instructions for Transferring Boxes to the Records Center

Instructions for Transferring Boxes of Records to Records Center


UI business records are accepted at the Records Center – they may be in paper or other formats.


Empty boxes are available from the Records Center

  • There is no charge for these boxes. Please submit a ticket to to request empty boxes. Just let the Records Center staff know how many boxes you need (they come in packs of 10) and approximately when you need the boxes. A records center employee will then respond with a day and time they are available for pickup.
  • It is necessary to use these boxes since they are specifically sized to fit on the shelves of the Records Center. Do not reuse old boxes.

When filling the boxes

  • Be sure not to over fill the box: leave at least 3-5 inches of space so that staff can lift the box by the finger holds; also boxes often have to be lifted over the head of the person putting them on the shelf so they shouldn’t be too heavy. And this makes the records easy to search.
  • Do not put any hanging folders (they have metal strips through the top of the file folder) in the box. They destroy the integrity of the box and are too costly to be shredded so please reuse them instead.
  • Do not write anything on the outside of the box except the box number (1, 2, 3, etc. that coordinates with the set number in the Box Information on the Departmental Transfer Form).
  • DO NOT tape or write anything on the outside of the box except the box number (in the appropriate box) to correspond to the transfer sheet.
  • Make an inventory of the files/contents of the box (this should go to the department records coordinator with a copy of the transfer sheet). A copy may be placed in the box but DO NOT attach it to the Transfer Sheet.

Transfer Sheets

  • Each box must have its own Departmental Transfer Sheet. (These can be found attached to this article.)
  • Fill in the top section of the form including the Box Information info; the department record coordinator or department head/chair must sign in the Authorization Signature. Be sure to fill out the top section completely with the dates of the records in the box. If you have a grant, please fill in the Date to Review based on the needs of the grant.
  • The Records Center staff will complete the bottom of the form.
  • DO NOT attach the sheet to the box.
  • A copy of the Departmental Transfer Form must be given to the department record coordinator along with an inventory of the box contents as they are the ones who will have to sign off on the destruction of the box when that date comes up.

Transferring the box(es)

  • Bring the box(es) and the Departmental Transfer Sheet(s) to the Records Center, Room 53 of the SUB.
  • The Records Center staff will assign the Box Accession Number and Sign and Date the form and enter the information into their database and barcode the boxes. A copy of the completed Departmental Transfer Sheet(s) will then be scanned and emailed back to the emailed listed on the sheet.
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