How do I use SMS text messages with Duo?


Duo is capable of texting passcodes to your mobile phone number, if you have one enrolled for your account. Each text message contains 8 passcodes. Each passcode can be used once and does not expire.

Important! Duo SMS passcodes cannot be used if you enrolled in Secure MFA, which blocks Duo voice and SMS authentication methods. See What is Secure MFA? for more information.

Obtaining Passcodes

When presented with the Duo prompt, click "Other options".

This is an image of a duo push declaration.

Select "Send text message passcode".

This is a picture of a log in options menu.

Enter the passcode and select "Verify".

This is a picture of a passcode entry region.

Passcodes do not expire until used. Since Duo sends 8 passcodes each time, you can save the remaining 7 and use these for future authentications if desired.

To use passcodes with the VPN, please refer to


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